About Us ;

About Us ;

HBM started to manufacture stainless metal products in a 120 m2 workshop in 2005. 4000 m2 today. Glass doors, sliding and sliding doors,from glass partitions and glass bathroom cabinets, outdoor folding glass door systems, glazed canopy systems, transparent glass facade systems, stainless accessories railing systems, a wide variety of productsIt has the manufacturing and application infrastructure that can best serve the demands of its customers with its range.Its domestic successes have carried HBM abroad. Nowadays, it exports to more than 22 countries, mostly to European countries.

Our Vision ;

HBM, Our company, which has brought innovations in the world of design to Turkey simultaneously with the world, since the day it was founded, continues its infrastructure works in this direction. time, which makes life easier for its users,
Its first goal is to offer products that save money and enable easy access to information.
strategy; To be the first name that comes to mind in Turkey’s leading stainless and glass design projects. Among HBM’s objectives, providing superior customer service and enabling practitioners to benefit from innovative services are priority. In HBM’s goals; To maintain its strong brand position, to increase and expand the variety of products and services, to provide the best project service, to maintain its position as Turkey’s leading brand.
to raise and protect.


HBM can be a partner that facilitates the application by producing solutions for its customers that are suitable for their needs. Working to develop and present solutions, providing consultancy services with their knowledge, skills and abilities

It has a principle that creates and directs opportunities, investigates possible future developments, determines them in advance and quickly implements the necessary changes.
As a company that is open to direct communication, believes in the importance of authorization and creates a suitable business environment, does not compromise on business ethics, honesty and quality in line with our core values, it is preferred in the market.
to be a business partner.